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Post-holiday weekly update

Hope everyone had a very happy new year! I played lots and lots of board games, went to an escape room, and ate way too much. It was great.

But now that things are back to normal I'm working on a book nook I got for Christmas!

I enjoy working on minis, but they're made out of much more forgiving plastic. Now I'll be building tiny things out of wood and paper.

It even has lights! So far I've only broken one piece that I had to glue it back together. It's in this picture and you can't even tell it's holding on with glue and sheer pluck.

I was trucking right along until I got to Step 13. Create 61 books.

I feel like I may be on step 13 for quite awhile.

Here are the first 6 of my 61. Madame Bovary turned out the best, so she gets the honor of having her cover showing.

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