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Hot pot

I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely fourth! Poor Gilly hated every second of it, but I got to hang out with friends and enjoy hot pot for the very first time. Here is an excellent introduction to hot pot.

We each had our own individual pots, but the rest of the ingredients were communal. We had the vegetable platter, the mushroom platter, and the tofu platter. We also had some taro and rice cakes. For our meats, we ordered beef brisket, lamb shoulder, lamb leg, and chicken.

I was bad at the actual cooking. I overcooked everything, but it was still delicious. I especially enjoyed the rice cakes, which I also had not had before. They had a lovely texture.

There was a bar where you could make your own dipping sauces. There were two long rows full of different ingredients and I found it very intimidating. Our server was Thai, and she offered to make us her own special sauce. It was a spicy peanut sauce that I thought was delicious, so I just ate that for my whole meal.

I would very much like to go again. I feel like I would time my cooking better. I might also feel brave enough to make my own sauce. Any dipping sauce recommendations?

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