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Glorious Book Art

My good friend Jason Hunt ( made some beautiful artwork for me based on Shadow Storm, my upcoming, madcap, steam-punkish YA fantasy novel.

In 1895, New York’s Reaper Guilds are daring mercenaries who face the supernatural, fight the monsters and, most importantly, collect their generous bounties. Genie Gearhart, a new member of the guild, is determined to climb the ladder and become the city’s greatest Lady Reaper. With her brother Hans, she’s going to do her best to kill monsters, undo curses, and host the perfect afternoon tea. Their first investigation is a haunting in Brooklyn, but as Genie and Hans hunt the ghost they realize that something far worse is lurking in the factory’s dark shadows. As the danger grows, they turn to their friends for help. There’s Alice Walker, the high society airship captain whose weapons are as elegant as they are deadly; Sprocket, the mad Tinker with ramshackle inventions primed for maximum destruction; and Bo Hai, the Drunken Boxer who defends Chinatown with the mysterious Dragonfly Brotherhood. Together, they will face their greatest fears to protect their families, their city and their very souls. Will Genie be able to triumph over the dark, and become a great Lady Reaper? It will take all her strength, courage, and manners, but in these modern times a girl can do anything.

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