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Diary of a Rookie Cook

My work was having a cookie party, and I decided to participate, like a crazy person. But also because I have this!

An entire cookbook of cookie recipes that I got as a gift when I was in college, and which I have never used but have dutifully put into a box every time I have moved. Because:

1 - I am a book hoarder

2- I've moved this book across the country four times. I can't get rid of it NOW

And now, the moment has come at last to justify its existence.

I decided to go with the Eggnog Cookies, because they seemed festive and it was also unlikely anyone else would make the same thing. I quickly looked through the pantry to ensure I had all the ingredients.

And that's how I learned that 3/4 cup of salted butter is more than one stick. But it's all right, I technically didn't have enough sugar either. I just added more eggnog! Problem solved.

I have one major issue with this recipe. It does not tell you how to make those neat little circles. Dropping "Rounded teaspoonfuls" resulted in these little mutants:

How do I make them pretty recipe?? HOW!!!!

They tasted nice though. They were very soft and not overly sweet.

I put them out with a post-it that said "Look Weird, Taste Good"

I even got two votes for best cookie! I didn't even vote for them as best cookie!!


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